hair dryer ij-902hd

hair dryer
fire series
ionic-kratine hair
turbo 3500
136 euro

Product Full Description
IQ japan ij-902hd
Professional Hair Dryer 3200W EASY AND BREEZY, BLOW DRYING THE HAIR OF YOUR DREAMS ij-902hd Professional hair dryer is a perfect combination of style and technology.
The powerful AC motor and faster air flow helps you to get gorgeously smooth, frizz free, trendy hair styles in no time.
It has 3 heat & 2 speed settings and a cool shot button which dispenses cold air that sets your style.
This dryer comes with three detachable nozzle attachments 1. Concentrator, 2. Diffuser, 3. Comb Nozzle.
Concentrator nozzles help to control air flow on specific sections for targeted drying and precision styling.
Diffuser: Works by spreading the airstream over a wide area in a controlled way, helps define curly hair whilst keeping it frizz-free.
Styling Comb Nozzle makes the end of the blow dryer narrower and thus helps to concentrate the heat into one spot to make it dry rapidly.
The comb nozzle attachment is the same as the airflow concentrator, but it ends with comb-like teeth so that the user can dry the hair using the dryer without a brush or comb.
Turbo Function – Turbo airflow boost button provides increased airflow for faster drying. You can increase the speed by pushing the button up for a burst of increased airflow.